Beginning of Number System -Zero


Great Mathematician -Brahmagupta

I will be posting about some of the Great Mathematicians, so that we all come to know about their contributions to Mathematics -“Ocean of Everything” where in this world everything begins with count, numbers, pattern , time, etc. Our Indian Number system -Hindu system starts with the number called “Zero ” which is also called as ‘shunya ‘ , this number was given by then Great Mathematician – Brahmagupta .

The name ‘zero’ derives from the Arabic word sifr which also gave us the English word ‘cipher’ meaning ‘a secret
way of writing’ ZERO is the only number which is known with so many names including nought, naught, nil, zilch, and zip.

This is one of the important contribution of Indian Mathematicians towards the start of the modern Mathematics, without which we could not have counting… As you all know when a zero is placed right next to a given number -implies multiplication of a number by 10 , if two zeros are placed it implies multiplication of a number by 100 and soon.

Everything in this Nature, starts with the zero (beginning) – birth of new creatures, life , day starts with the counting of
number, even the Sun seems to be in the shape of Zero , which is important for our existence on this solar system .
Zero is only till now which has not been given any roman numeral representation.
In future , hope you people will have the roman representation of Zero .

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