Minutes out of weeks

Do you want to know how many minutes are in one week/weeks ?
Here is interesting , cool , shortcut method to find the number of minutes in a week.Once You master this trick/method you will be able to do it in your head without the use of pen and paper .
Sounds Impossible ?
              So, how can you do it? The secret is very simple. If you multiply 7, 24 and 60 together, the product is 10080 .
Now let’s look into few examples .

How many minutes are in weeks.?

Now follow simple steps , once  you master u can do all steps in a single steps.
Before that we will look at the normal  method to do calculations.

   Normally we would be working in this way.. 
          11×7 (days) ×24 ( no of hours in a day) ×60 ( no of minutes in one hour)

  =11 ×7 ×24 ×60
  =11 ×(10080)

  We will use the intermediate of the above normal method and use it in shortcut method.
           Here we go…
    Step 1:- Without doing anything , just write down the given number as it.
         For the problem we have considered we will write as follows…
           11/ ___/_

   Step 2:-   Now , here starts the application of the 10080
   Multiply the given number 11 to 8. There are many ways that you can do it. I’ll just show you how we can do with Vedic Method /Speed math trick or normal method…
    We get 11 ×8 =88
Step  3:-  Atlast the u will get the answer by just placing 0 at end of result obtained after all steps.

      We get 11//(11×8)//0
Looks simple….?
   But unfortunately this tricks work for two years only….
   For the  trick to work for the more than two years. We need to  make some modifications. I deal with  that in my future post.
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