Happy Pi Day

Hello everyone who loves math /math lovers out there, today  is Pi day!
   And also the birthday of Great Genius Albert  Einstein


Happy Pi Day .

Some Facts about Pi :-

1.) The symbol (Greek letter “π”) was
first used in 1706 by William Jones.

2.) The alphabet ‘p’  was used to denote pi because, it was associated with perimeter of circle.

3.) Pi has been calculated to over one trillion digits past its decimal.

4.) Both π and the letter p are the sixteenth letter in the Greek and English alphabets respectively.

5.) First 144 digits of pi add up to 666.
    And we have 144 = (6+6) ×(6+6)

6.)  Father of calculus (meaning “pebble used in counting” from calx or limestone”), Isaac Newton calculated pi to at least 16 decimal places.

7.) The Babylonians, who found the first known value of Pi, used the
fraction  25/8.

8.) Some scientists use the fractions 22/7  , 355/113 and 104348 /33215 to approximate Pi.

9.) The sum of the reciprocals of the squares of all the positive integers is ((pi)^2)/6, a result found by Euler and alternatively confirmed using the Riemann Zeta function.

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