Pingala Chanda Sutra

Pingala was a 4th  century BCE Indian mathematicianand Sanskrit
grammarian. Pingala’s
contribution in the field of mathematics is tremendousand his vital inventions in this field include Binarynumeral system, Pascal’s triangle, Binomial theorem,Fibonacci number.

Pingala Chanda Sutra (nth power)

Let us find the value of 8th power of 2.
Find the binary bytes (B.B) of 8 Which is 1 0 0 0
delete the first 1And take 0 0 0 For our calculation
Step 1 :-We will move from left to right
Replace first left 0 by square of the given number = 4

Step 2:-
Replace second left 0 in the same way by the square of 4

Step 3:-

Replace finally the third 0 in the same way by the square
of 16 = 256.
Similarly It can be used for other Numbers

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