Squaring of a number -Method -2


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Here is the something you might know or unaware about it
If you are aware of it, it is well and good .
If not proceed further. Enjoying learning the tricks.
Squaring of a number between 10 to 20
             1p^2 = (1p+p) |p^2

Note :- If there is two digit in p^2
Carryover to next block.

For example:
17^2 = (17+7)|7^2

Squaring of a number between 20 to 30

2p^2 = 2 *(2p+p) |p^2
Note : If there is two digit in p^2 Carryover to next block.
For example:
27^2 = 2* (27+7)|7^2
Similarly u can construct your own formula n work out!
78^2 = 7*(78+8)|8^2 = 602|64
Most important in getting the tricks is to have a good pattern recognition ability
The detailed post will be posted soon.For time being enjoy doing this one.
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