Things you will be to do after completion of the reading the following posts.

1 . You will know about the basics about “CLOCKS”.

2. You will be able to solve the problems related to the clocks.

3. Problems can be solved with just observing the question & figures without the use of pen and paper.

4. You will be able to solve any kind of aptitude problems related to Clocks .

5. You will be able to find the angle between the two hands of the clock .

6. You will be able to find the time at which the two hands of the clock overlap or coincide.

7.You will be able to find the angles made by hour & minutes hands of the clock.

8. You will be able to find the time for the given angle between the two hands  of clock.


Let us know something about “CLOCK”

A clock is an instrument to indicate, keep, and co-ordinate time.It is  one of the oldest human inventions.There are various types of clock.Eg: Wrist watches ,wall clocks,etc.

Now lets focus on clock problems .

Problems based on the clock are very common in all competitive exams such as CAT , GRE , UPSC, CSAT and placement recruitment aptitude tests.

Problems based on clocks are easy to solve within no time.

I have tried to include all Time Saving Shortcuts (TSRs) in the following images.


































More shortcuts will be uploaded soon in future.

Happy Reading & Sharing.

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