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As puzzles are asked by interviewers in the process of recruitment ( to solve a problem – to check your thinking skills and many more…) ,i thought of writing few puzzles in weekly basis .Puzzles help you to analyse the problem and find a correct answer.It can be hobby to many of us to solve the puzzles in our free time I’ of them.I would recommend to you all read and solve the puzzle books by Great Mathematician, Mathemagician- Shakuntala Devi. 


Brothers and Sisters

A family I know has several children .Each boy in this family has as many sisters as brothers but each girl has twice as many brothers as sisters.

How many brothers and sisters are there ?



Supposing a clock takes 7 seconds to strike 7. How long will the same clock take to strike 10?

 Peculiar Number

This peculiar Number is three times the sum of its digits . Can you find the number ?


Number Game 

There is a number , the second digit of which is smaller than its first digit by 4, and if the number was divided by the digits sum , the quotient would be 7. Find the number.



A fraction has the denominator greater than its numerator by 6. But if you add 8 to the denominator, the value of the fraction would then become 1/3. Find the original Fraction.


Ancient Lilavati Problem 

A beautiful maiden ,with beaming eyes,asks me which is the number that,multiplied by 3 , then increased by three-fourths of the product ,divided by 7,diminished by one -third  of the quotient, multiplied by 52, the square root found,addition of 8 ,division by 10 gives the number 2 ? .Help me in finding the number .


The problem 31.

Can you write 31 using only digit 3 five times ?



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ABOUT US Hey,Thanks for dropping by .First I would like to Appreciate for your love towards the Mathematics Subject. My name is Praveenkumar Kalikeri. I'm an Engineering Student from Karnataka , India. My Passion for Mathematics , encouraged me to start this blog . I Started loving the Mathematics subject from my schooling days.I was greatly motivated by teachers, parents who always helped me .        Numbers have Beauty !! They fascinated me .. As we all know best method to try out something new is to study old theories , concepts , its drawbacks, etc. I ,myself Started learning Vedic Mathematics at age of 15. Here , I will share vedic maths tricks learned and modified by me in simple manner which will be useful in various competitive exams. "If You Believe , You Can Do".
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    Answers? ???

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    Fraction = 7/13


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    Peculiar 27 ???


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    Number game 84 ????


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    4 boys 3 girls


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