I’m bigger ,no I’m Smaller

In this post , we will learn about the comparison of two or more fractions, or arrangement of the fractions in the increasing or decreasing order, finding the largest /smallest fraction.


Type-1 : When the numerator and denominator of the fractions  increases by a constant value, then last fraction is largest fraction. 

Consider for examples

Example 1:

1/2 , 2/3 , 3/4

Largest fraction is  3/4 .


Example 2 :

1/ 7 , 7/14 , 13/21

Largest fraction is 13/21 .

Type 2 : The fraction whose numerator after cross-wise multiplication  gives the greater value is the greater.

Example 1 :

Which is the greatest ?

7/9  and  8/17

Performing  the cross-wise multiplication , we get 7 x 17 and  9 x 8

7 x 17 = 119  and 9 x 8 = 72

Now ,find the product which is greater , here we have 119 ; therefore 7 /9 is greater compared to 8/17.


     I will be posting more about it in my future post . Stay tuned 🙂




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