Tech Mahindra Placement Paper Pattern

Tech Mahindra Placement Paper Pattern and Selection Procedure :

Tech Mahindra is one of India’s biggest IT companies and is currently ranked 5th by NASSCOM – the Indian software industry’s premium policy maker. It is a part of the Mahindra Group and is well recognized internationally. Tech Mahindra is worth 4 billion US dollars and has over 1,07,100 employees across 90 countries. It has over 800 global customers, including Fortune 500 companies. It was listed as one amongst the Fab 50 companies in Asia as per the Forbes 2014 List.

Company Pattern for Tech Mahindra for the Year 2016 -17

Tech Mahindra has made a few changes in their pattern of recruitment for the academic year 2016-17. The company pattern consists of 4 rounds, an Online Written round, Story Writing round, the Technical Round, and the Human Resource round.

The Online Written Round :

Good thing is no Negative Marking “
The round consists of an Aptitude Test that consists of 7 sections .These seven sections comprise of a total of 75 questions, and the duration of the test is 50 minutes. The seven sections that the Online Written Test comprises of are:

  1.   English Language General -1  ( 10 Questions = 10 Marks ) – ( 6 Marks to Qualify) 
  2.  English Language
  3.  General – 2,— ( 20 Questions = 20 Marks) — ( 12 Marks to Qualify) 
  4.  English Language – Comprehension ( 5 Questions = 5 Marks) — ( 2 Marks to Qualify

Quantitative Aptitude 
– Arithmetic Ability, ( 11 Questions = 1 Marks)  –( 6 Marks to Qualify )

 Topics to be prepared :

1) Ratio and Proportion

2) Problems on averages

3) Alligations

4) Percentages

 5) Averages

6) Speed Time Distance (STD) – Relative Speed ,Races & Circular Path .

7)  Clocks ( 3 Problems)- angle between the two hands and vice-versa  &

        Calendar ( Only 1 Problem)

 8) Profit & Loss & Partnership techpattern.

9) Numbers ,ranking ,Time and Work ( 3 Questions – 3 marks) 

10) Simple & Compound Interest ( S.I & C.I)
– Verbal  Reasoning – General (21 Questions = 21 Marks)   12 Marks needed to Qualify

1) Coding & Decoding.

2) Letters Concept.

3) Number Concept- Series 

4) Directions – Find the direction in which he/she is facing after moving  several steps.

5) Word Analogy , Synonyms & Antonyms ( 11 Marks) .

6) Seating Arrangements , Comparison  & Blood relations

Others – 10 Marks.

Reasoning –
Verbal Reasoning – Paragraph( 3 Questions = 3 Marks)  1 mark to Qualify

1) Idiom & Phrases.

2) Correction of Sentences.


4) Fill in the blanks.

5) Subject Verb Agreement

6) Spelling wrong words correction.

Non-verbal Reasoning – Figures.5 Marks ) – ( 3 marks to Qualify )
There is a sectional  cut-off for this round

The Story Writing Round :

The Story Writing Round consists of just one question, which is of an essay type. In this question, the candidate is given a picture, and he/she needs to write a story describing it. This round as well is conducted online, and its duration is 15 minutes .The candidate is shown a picture and he/she is asked to write an essay describing the picture within a character limit of 1,200 characters( including spaces), which comes up to 200 words approx. This question is asked in order to test the literary skills of the candidate with reference to grammar, spellings, and punctuation. The result of this test will declare if the candidate is eligible for the job role, or not.

The Technical Round :

Once you clear the second round of Tech Mahindra’s recruitment process, you will proceed to the third round. This round is a Technical Round. The questions  asked in this round are directed to check whether the candidate can solve real-world problems

with  the coding context. Know your basics in  C Programming, C ++ Programming , and other computer languages thoroughly.



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