Quantitative Aptitude Section- The New India Assurance Co.Ltd

Here are few questions from Quantitative Aptitude Section of “The New Indian Assurance Co.Ltd. ” Administrative Officers Exam.


Q.1) Find out the wrong number in the following number series.

1.)  529   841  961  1296  1681  1849  2209

    a.)1296     b.)841    c.)961   d.)1681


2.)  13  14  27  45  68  109  177

   a.) 27   b.)109  c.)45  d.)68  e.) None of these.


3.) 14   22  34.5  55.5  87.25  135.875  209.8125  

   a.)55.5  b.) 34.5  c.)135.875  d.)87.25  e.) None of these.


4.)  274  301  426  769  1498  2624  5026  

   a.) 301  b.)426  c.)769  d.)2824   e.)None of these.


5.) 4  28  160  990  6790  55832  502560

   a.) 160  b.)990 c.)55832  d.)6970  e.) None of these.


Q.2) 12% of 840 x0.25% of 148 =?

Q.3)A shopkeeper sells 200 meters of cloth for Rs. 9,000 at profit of Rs.5 per meter. What is the cost price of 1 meter of  cloth?


Q.4) The area of a circle is 1386 sq.cms.What is the  circumference of the circle?

Q.5) If (11)^2 is subtracted from the square of a number, the answer so obtained is 135.What is the number ?


Q.6)  If the cost of 7kgs. of rice is Rs.168, what is the cost of 105 kgs. of rice?

Q.7) Seema and Meena divide a sum of Rs.2,500 in the ratio of 3:2 respectively.If Rs.500 are added to each of their shares, what would be the new ratio formed?

  a) 2:3     b) 3:4   c) 5:4  d) 4:3  e) None of these.

Q.8) Find the average of the following set of scores.

      302,  152,   132,  122,  112

Q.9)  A  bus  covers a distance of 172kms. in 4 hours. What is the speed of the bus?

        a.) 52 kms /hr  b)47kms/hr   c)43kms/hr    d)38kms/hr  e) None of these

Q.10)  The total number of students in the school are 4800, out of which 60% are girls.What is the total number of boys in this school?

   a.) 1920   b.) 1934   c.)1980  d.)1910   e.) None of these.




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