Who am I ?

I am a two-digit number ‘ab’. I am special. I am a prime number. Not just that, I am prime number ‘pq’. ( As in, 2 is the 1st prime, 3 is the 2nd prime, 5 is prime number 3, 7 is prime number 4 and so on).

What is so special about me you ask? My mirror image ‘ba’ is also prime. 

Big deal, you say. My mirror image ‘ba’ is prime number ‘qp’ (or the qp-th prime if that sounds better). That has got to be a big deal. 

Some of you are still not convinced that I am special. I hear one or two of you saying that in whatever special property I have, my brother ‘ba’ will also have. 

That may be true. But I am also that little bit extra special. If you removed all the grey areas and dealt in black and white, I am special like how MALAYALAM is special. 

Who am I?


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ABOUT US Hey,Thanks for dropping by .First I would like to Appreciate for your love towards the Mathematics Subject. My name is Praveenkumar Kalikeri. I'm an Engineering Student from Karnataka , India. My Passion for Mathematics , encouraged me to start this blog . I Started loving the Mathematics subject from my schooling days.I was greatly motivated by teachers, parents who always helped me .        Numbers have Beauty !! They fascinated me .. As we all know best method to try out something new is to study old theories , concepts , its drawbacks, etc. I ,myself Started learning Vedic Mathematics at age of 15. Here , I will share vedic maths tricks learned and modified by me in simple manner which will be useful in various competitive exams. "If You Believe , You Can Do".
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