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Vedic Methods for fast calculation ( computation) and its application in various competitive exams

Square roots of perfect squares

         To find the square root of a perfect square number:  We find the first figure by looking at the first figures and we find two possible last figures by looking at the last figure.   We find … Continue reading

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Introduction to first ten Vedic Mathematics Sutras

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First Evidence of Zero

  The Chaturbhuja temple in Madhya Pradesh, where the first evidence of zero in India was found. The temple is dated to 876 and is much older than the current fort. It was dedicated to Vishnu but is no longer … Continue reading

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Multiplication by Six

We all know about the multiplication of any number by 11 and 12.       From the method of multiplication by 12 , we can modify it and get the method to multiply any number by 6.     … Continue reading

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Percentage Shortcuts

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Happy International Friendship Day

In our life , friends are part of joy , success , happiness and bad time. I thank all my dear friends to encouraged me / encouraging me in everything which would be good thing to help others. Words from … Continue reading

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Mathematical Message

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Zeller’s Rule ( ppt-images )

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Some of the puzzles from Shakuntala Devi Books

      As puzzles are asked by interviewers in the process of recruitment ( to solve a problem – to check your thinking skills and many more…) ,i thought of writing few puzzles in weekly basis .Puzzles help you … Continue reading

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Amusement is…

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